How do you know if a relationship was meant to be?

Love, connection, and relationships form the core of the human experience. Throughout life, one encounters many relationships – some fleeting, others more enduring. But among these, the quest for “the one” relationship that feels like destiny can be the most exhilarating, yet confounding journey. The age-old question lingers: how do you know if a relationship was meant to be? Let’s dive into this intriguing exploration of love, destiny, and connection.

1. Understanding the Concept of “Meant to Be”

Before discerning if a relationship was predestined, it’s crucial to understand what “meant to be” signifies. For some, it means finding a soulmate – a connection that feels otherworldly, as if the stars aligned. For others, it’s about compatibility, shared values, and mutual respect. Recognizing one’s personal definition is the first step.

2. Effortless Connection

Relationships that feel like destiny often have an inexplicable sense of familiarity. Conversations flow smoothly, silence is comfortable, and there’s a profound sense of being understood. It feels like reuniting with an old friend rather than getting to know someone new.

3. Shared Values and Visions

While opposites can attract, a relationship that’s meant to be usually rests on shared core values. From life goals, family views, moral compasses, to even small daily rituals – when two people see eye-to-eye on these foundational aspects, the relationship tends to have a more harmonious cadence.

4. Growth and Evolution Together

Every relationship faces challenges. However, relationships that are meant to be not only survive these tests but also thrive because of them. Such couples view challenges as opportunities for growth. They evolve, adapt, and come out stronger, together.

5. Mutual Respect

In a destined relationship, partners hold deep respect for each other. This respect translates into understanding each other’s boundaries, valuing opinions, and celebrating each other’s achievements. It’s a partnership where both individuals feel equally valued.

6. Intuition and Gut Feelings

Sometimes, it’s an inexplicable inner voice or a gut feeling that tells you that you’re with the right person. This intuitive pull, often devoid of logic, can be a powerful indicator of a relationship that’s meant to be.

7. Overcoming Adversity Together

Life is unpredictable. In relationships that feel destined, partners become each other’s anchor during storms. They face adversity hand-in-hand, offering unwavering support. It’s not about shielding each other from difficulties but about facing them united.

8. A Sense of Independence

Paradoxically, relationships that are meant to be also celebrate individuality. Each partner feels free to pursue their passions, dreams, and endeavors, knowing they have the other’s full support. There’s a beautiful balance of togetherness and independence.

9. Transparent Communication

One hallmark of a destined relationship is open and transparent communication. Partners feel safe to express their fears, hopes, desires, and concerns without judgment. They actively listen, ensuring that the relationship remains a safe space for both.

10. Shared Joy and Happiness

In relationships that are meant to be, joy is amplified, and sorrow is halved. Partners find immense happiness in each other’s company, celebrating both big milestones and everyday moments.

11. Longevity Isn’t the Only Metric

A common misconception is that a relationship meant to be will last forever. While longevity is a beautiful thing, some relationships serve crucial purposes in specific life chapters. They teach, transform, and prepare individuals for the next phase of their journey. So, a relationship that doesn’t last a lifetime can still be one that was meant to be.

12. Mutual Effort and Commitment

Love is a verb, an action. Relationships that feel predestined are characterized by mutual effort. Both partners are committed to nurturing the relationship, ensuring it remains vibrant and fulfilling.


The quest to determine if a relationship was meant to be is as personal as it is universal. While the signs mentioned above can offer guidance, the essence of such a relationship is deeply individual. It’s a blend of feelings, experiences, and moments that make two individuals feel intertwined by fate.

However, it’s essential to remember that every relationship requires effort, even those that feel destined. The magic lies in nurturing that initial spark, in choosing love every day, and in growing together. Whether a relationship is preordained by the stars or not, its true beauty lies in the shared journey, the memories created, and the love that continually evolves.